Welcome to Q. C. Designs, Inc.!

Q. C. Designs, Inc. is an Ohio corporation that was formed in 1982 to provide engineering services and consulting to aluminum metal working industries, foundries and die cast shops. Our customers include many major companies as well as technical societies, including the American Foundry Society, the North American Die Casting Association, and ASM International.

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Offering a New Perspective

Q. C. Designs, Inc. specializes in providing an “alternate view” of manufacturing operations in metal working plants, and will bring a considerable base of experience to assist your firm.

The experience base includes production management in both non-ferrous and ferrous foundries, management of quality assurance organizations producing castings and machined parts to nuclear code standards, and materials engineering and process development in all types of metal working operations.

The assistance provided can take the form of the identification of opportunities for profit improvement through productivity increases, scrap loss reductions, or special project management services.