Automatic Dross Boss™ Buggies – 60 – 150 lb.


• Recovery: 70 – 90% of metal in the dross as on- spec. alloy.
• Capacity: Processes load sizes of 75 – 125 lbs. in less than 10 min.
• Operator Actions: Transfer dross and add flux, initiate mixing, drain, dump.
• Touch Screens & PLC yield full control of automatic mixing functions.

Portable units with larger capacity are offered as shown, and may be provided with automatic powered mixing or manual stirring options. Rotation of the mixing head, the draining of recovered metal, and the dumping of the demetallized dross are still manual operations, but the auto mixing cycle improves recovery while eliminating a labor operation. The recovered metal may be easily returned while at elevated temperature to the process stream for additional energy savings.


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